Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why Not Wednesday!?

Despite my best efforts to convince myself Wednesday is not an appropriate day for socializing I always wind up drink in hand. Case in point: last night I caught K-OS and MTV's Johnny Hockin (gosh he's cute in person) on the Thompson Roof. I suppose I simply must suck it up and admit I'm one of those people who drinks on a Wednesday... so as an homage to ElectroTO's "What's Good Wednesday" (which, by the by, is the finest source for what's happening on the weekend in Toronto) I deem Wednesdays at the Anonymous Society Why Not Wednesday.
(yes, I recognize that Why Not Wednesday will always be posted Thursday morning)
Below: A real, honest to goodness photographer (pictured above in spectacular vintage rock T and wicked frames) taught me a thing or two.

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