Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunny Daze

I have made my triumphant return from an incredible Easter weekend in Russia. What a beautiful/strange/corrupt/vodka-filled city St Petersburg is. The mere thought of sifting through 300 some odd photos of cathedrals and palaces drenched in gold is simply too daunting at the present moment, so for now here are some photos of my lovely day playing hooky in the sunshine. Apparently everyone else in Stockholm had the same idea, because I could hardly find a patch of grass on which to sit and eat my pecan ice cream and pretend to read my book while I watched shirtless Swedes work on their tans.

Whyred blazer. American Apparel sweater. Vintage skirt (from when TNT in Toronto used to keep a vintage rack. Sigh, those were the days). Office shoes. Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sunnies. Miu Miu purse.

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