Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Around the River Bend

A word with my mother: I am ever so fortunate to have such a loving, generous, supportive (not to mention breathtakingly gorgeous) mum. I assure you mother, the following post will in no way interest you... so feel free to gloss right over it. It CERTAINLY does not pertain to shopping in any way.

How on earth did a Topshop manage to miraculously appear around the corner from my place without any notification? No messenger pigeon, smoke signal, elaborate firework spectacle, handsome Swedish fella running through town on horseback ringing a bell... nothing. But don't fret! I stumbled upon it on my own accord and purchased this curious little crochet number. I have not yet decided on a means of wearing it whilst simultaneously remaining decent, but I sort of dig the whole Pocahantas vibe. I believe it was this recent Camilla Akrans shoot of Edita Vilkeviciute for H&M that is to blame for my overwhelming desire to purchase this dress.



via fashiongonerogue

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