Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gawdy Gaudi

Naomi Campbell

Anna Dello Russo

Janice Dickinson

Flickr, Me
(DISCLAIMER: Some rudimentary google research led me to discover the term gawdy actually came about before the architect Gaudi was born. The comparison between the adjective and the legend's work simply relates to my personal views... so you can stop writing that scathing comment about my lack of intelligence right this instant)

I have been converted (perhaps it was at Sagrada Familia... but don't fret mother, I'm not denouncing Judaism): Gawdy is no longer a dirty word. Once reserved for cheesy Europeans who stacked on too much gold jewelry, taking in the opulent and intricate architecture of Gaudi has given me a newfound appreciation for all (ok, some) things gawdy. So please, enjoy some images that are Gaudi and Gawdy, respectively.

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