Monday, April 11, 2011


Disclaimer: this is not, as you may have guessed, a post about minimal house.. although I gleefully encountered that in Berlin as well. If I got you all riled up for minimal, I implore you to take a detour here.

Valerija Kelava&ChloeMemisevicCraigMcDeanInverview


Valerija Kelava&ChloeMemisevicCraigMcDeanInverview3

via: Me, fashiongonerogue

It was truly a shock to the senses to go from the more is more architectural mentality in Barcelona to the jarring minimalism prevalent in Berlin. In a city now characterized as an artist's dream (this goes for every medium), it is impossible to forget what once was when you turn to the buildings that shape the city. This is especially true of the Jewish monuments and references to the Berlin wall. I couldn't help but conjure images of this recent Interview shoot by Craig McDean and contemplate the powerful impact delivered through considerable simplicity.

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